New Building


Building is now in progress and we hope to be up and running in the not too distant future- but follow our progress on our FACE BOOK Page

Hill Park Baptist Church came into existence 2001 having been a satellite congregation of Fareham Baptist Church for several years. The church is meeting in buildings that started life as turkey huts on a nearby farm before being moved to the current site where they were initially leased, and then purchased by Hill Park Baptist Church to keep us in the heart of the community that we wish to serve.

These asbestos clad – timber framed buildings are now well past the end of their useful life, and lack modern facilities, our toilet - the only brick part of the building – is outside, and so we are now planning to demolish the existing buildings and rebuild on the same site.  Our planning permission has just been approved, plans are with builders for quotations and all the other stuff that needs to be done is in hand.  But we need help with the cost of the new building!  We have raised over £200,000 (in addition to the original purchase costs) without outside assistance but are now looking for further support.

Will you help?  If you would like to make a small contribution we would be very grateful – and you can do this easily by a simple text donation.  Just text

HPBF15  £5  to  70070  to give  £5

of course you can change the amount up or down should you wish to do so. 

Check our Hill Park Baptist Church Facebook page to see how we are doing, and of course feel free to share our request with others.